CMC The Gentleman's 1878

This bicycle is made by one of the major firms of the periode 1870-1900 and you can’t confuse it with anything else. This Coventry Machinists Company (CMC) is in all aspects a bicycle of the 1870’s:

- no ball bearings, but plain bearings

- rear wheel brake, employed by twisting the handlebars

- it already has a hollow tubular backbone, but front and rear forks are solid

- no stanley head, no adjustable steering pin, but an interesting CMC construction, very prone to wear

- iron front hub and lock-nutted spokes (CMC kept this construction even on their safeties)

- rooftop-shaped rims.

I also found a picture of the 1877-model, which is much alike, but with a distinctive large spring.

The huge 56 inch CMC in the pictures is incredibly heavy, with its massive front and rear forks, where later models have hollow forks. Look at the nice footrests on the front fork and there’s even some striping left!

Rear step, saddle and pedals are not original. Serial number is 11617.