CMC The Gentleman's 1878

This example of the CMC The Gentleman's was built in 1878.   Serial number is 11617.

Compare it to the 1877 model and you will see it's almost identical, with two important differences: the spring and the head. Concerning the spring: this example was originally fitted with the rubber buffer spring we see on 1878's Club. But I guess that was an option.   

In 1878 CMC also introduced a newly constructed head but it was no success. None of the three remaining CMC Gentleman's 1878-models I know have their original construction. So if you own a CMC gentleman's with a serial number over 9000, please let me know what the head looks like. 

The huge 56 inch CMC in the pictures is interesting since there are not many around. In 1878 CMC started producing the Club, and that one sold much better.

Alas, lots of details on this bicycle have been changed. Spokes, rear step, saddle, spring, pedals, rear hub and foot rests (on front fork) are not original. Most details originally were like the Club 1878.  Except for the spokes, that  were like on the 1877 Gentleman's